The Magic Snowman

Magic Snowman with colors

The kids in my library beg for the magic snowman all year long. Even in the heat of the summer when the sun is beating all day they ask, “Did you bring the magic snowman?” When I remind them of the heat they say, “Well he is magic.” I use him during the months of December, January and February as a transition activity.

This is based on Carole Peterson’s song, “I Can Make a Snowman” from H.U.M. Highly Usable Music. It is sung to the tune of “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” You can find her version of a flannel activity here.

Cut out Magic Snowman                                       Snowman with white folder

Print out the Magic Snowman template on white computer paper. (I used this snowman.) Cut out the snow balls using a razor blade. Laminate him. Create a white folder by folding a piece of 12 x 18″ in half. Load the folder ahead of time with four colors (make sure you know what they are). You can get creative by making a rainbow (this is the biggest hit!) or you can browse the craft store and purchase a variety of fancy and glittery scrapbook paper.

The first time I use this with a group of children I ask them if they can help me with a magic trick. I ask, “Do you think we can change this snowman’s color?” Of course they yell, “YES!” I tell them there are three magic things we need to do to make sure the Snowman changes color.

  1. We have to close our eyes.
  2. We have to think of the magic color. (If everyone isn’t thinking of the color, the trick won’t work.)
  3. We have to sing the Magic Song.

I always practice once with them before the snowman does his trick. The kids will always yell out colors you don’t have loaded which is why I created the Rainbow color. I tell the children to think of one of their favorite colors and you won’t believe their surprise when they open their eyes. On occasion I am not quick enough with the color change, so I make the snowman disappear. “You can’t pick invisible as a color!” I laugh and say. That gives me time to do it again and they love it!

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