Using Puppet Bins for Outreach

Farm Puppet Bin

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to use my puppet collection more in storytime. As I was poking through the clearance isle at my local department store, I saw red tupperware bins on blowout. “This would be perfect for a farm!” I thought. So I bought the 18-gallon bin and brought it home. I used white fabric paint (the same paint I use for my felt animals) and decorated the bin to be a barn. Each of the four sides is identical. It didn’t take very long and it dried pretty quickly!


Now I have a barn to use in storytime…and for all for my outreach visits, too!

Here are some stories I plan to use:

  • Clip, Clop by Nicola Smee (horse, cat, dog, pig, duck)
  • The Busy Little Squirrel by Nancy Tafuri (squirrel, mouse, bird, cat, dog, frog, owl)
  • Mother, Mother I Want Another by Maria Polushkin Robbins (mouse, frog, pig, duck, donkey)
  • I Went Walking by Sue Williams (cat, horse, cow, duck, pig, duck)
  • Mr. Gumpy’s Outing by John Burningham (children, rabbit, cat, dog, pig, sheep, chicken, calf, goat)
  • Ten Red Apples by Pat Hutchins (horse, cow, donkey, goat, pig, sheep, goose, duck, hen, farmer)

Here are some songs I plan to use:

  • When Pigs Get Up in the Morning by Kimbo from Circle Time Songs & Games (pig, duck, sheep, cow)
  • Down on the Farm by Greg & Steve from We All Live Together v.5 (rooster, cow, pig, dog, horse, turkey, donkey, people)
  • There’s a Dog in School by Carole Peterson from H.U.M. (dog, cat, duck, bunny, kids)
  • Old MacDonald by Notso Swift from Mother Goose Rocks (cow, pig, horse, duck)
  • Say Good Day by Carole Peterson from Music for the Very Young Child (cow, pig, dog, chicken, kids)
  • Down on Grandpa’s Farm by Raffi from One Light One Sun (cow, hen, sheep, dog, horse)

Forest bin

Bamboo bin

Here are a couple more ideas…the possibilities are really endless!

Oh my goodness! I just changed the way I’m using these. Check out my Revised Puppet Bins post:

River bin

4 thoughts on “Using Puppet Bins for Outreach

  1. I used The Busy Little Squirrel with all the puppets last week at my 2-5 story time. I have a story time apron with three pockets at the base and the apron is made of that blue flannel board material that the MLSC book prop kits have. My puppets were mostly finger puppets, except the mouse and frog were huge. The kids did not mind a bit. I had a few ESL kids, native language was Mandarin, and the puppets definitely leveled the playing field. I added David Ezra Stein’s Ol’ Mama Squirrel as another book, and everyone was chiming in with “chook chook chook” by the end of the program.
    Judy Rabin, Woodbridge Town Library

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