Clip Clop

Clip Clop Flannel

One of my toddlers’ favorite stories is Nicola Smee’s Clip Clop. I have been using the book for a couple of years now and recently made a flannel and a puppet story to use with them as well.

For the flannel story I created a horse that is big enough to take up all the space on my lap board. I made enough cats, dogs, pigs, and ducks for my biggest crowd and pass them out before I read the story. By the end of the book the horse is totally covered with farm animals!

Clip Clop Puppet

I made a puppet version of this story, too. I use my horse puppet as Mr. Horse, and finger puppets from my collection for the other farm animals. As each animal asks to get on horse, I add a clothespin and slip the finger puppet on top of it.

Finger puppets

I make this version of the story more interactive. Each time a farm animal gets on Horse I have the kids clap their knees and as Horse gallops. We go faster each time, until all the animals fall off Horse at the end!

2 thoughts on “Clip Clop

  1. I love this book. It’s one of my favorite storytime books for a group. I use small puppets on the horses back and have them fly off. I like your ideas. At our library we can not do a Christmas theme because of the religious connection. I use Smee’s book “Jingle Jangle” with the same theme in snow.
    Thanks for sharing.

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