This is Not My Hat


In honor of the 2013 Caldecott winner, I’m doing a puppet story of This is Not My Hat this week! You’ll need just a few puppets and props:

  • fish finger puppet (if you don’t have one on hand, you can make one)
  • fish puppet
  • crab (or lobster) puppet
  • light blue felt to make four hats (two for each fish: one on each side of the head)
  • transparent Velcro tabs (four to put on each side of each fish puppets heads)
  • plant background


I tell the story with a lap flannel board covered in the seaweed print. Once the little fish goes behind the board, I drop him in my lap and switch hands of the big fish puppet, making sure to put the blue hat on the transparent Velcro tab I placed on his head.


Go fish!

I couldn’t resist going with the Hat theme, so I also used puppets for I Want My Hat Back and Martin’s Hats. For other storytime ideas, check out So Tomorrow’s blog for the Flannel Friday roundup.

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