This is Not a Box

Not a Box

I love this book! It’s so fun and creative, but it’s slightly small to use with big storytime groups. I decided to make a prop to tell this story for my big groups and outreach storytimes. Here’s how:


Take a plain cardboard box (you may have one kicking around, if not you can purchase one for a couple of dollars at the office supply store) and fold the sides in the top down. Cut off the top pieces of whichever side you want to face the children. Using a hole punch, punch a hole on each side of the box.

Threaded Story

Using scrap pieces of cardboard, cut out nine pieces to accompany each scene in the book. Draw the picture on one side and dialogue on the back side using black and red permanent markers. Using two book rings (I used 2″ ones) thread the story backward on the rings with the dialogue facing you. (When you cut the pieces out, make sure they will fit in and out of the box on the rings easily.)

Not a Box

Here is the Not-a-Box! When I tell the story I use my rabbit puppet and the kids love it!

For more ideas to use in storytime, check out Courtney’s blog. She’s hosting Flannel Friday this week.

7 thoughts on “This is Not a Box

  1. Gasp! I really like this idea. On December 26, we celebrated “Not-a-box(ing) Day” with this book and a vast supply of cardboard creations. Our crowd was small but very enthusiastic.

  2. Great idea! I was planning to use this book when we do X for the letter of the week in my preschool class. This will add so much! Thanks for sharing.

    Lake Elsinore

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