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Anteater! Brachiosaurus!

duck rabbit

I’ve been waiting for Amy Krouse Rosenthal to make a sequel to Duck! Rabbit! I just keep waiting and waiting, so I decided to write my own to use with this summer’s theme Dig Into Reading. I like to use my lap board so I can have the animal stomp. Here it is:

Anteater! Brachiosaurus!

Anteater BrachiosaurusHey look, it’s an anteater!
It’s not an anteater, it’s a brachiosaurus.

South America North America

Listen. It said, “Hola.” It’s an anteater. They live in South America.
No. It said, “Hello,” It’s a brachiosaurus. They lived in North America.

(Shake lap board)

Look. It’s stomping. It’s definitely an anteater.
No, it’s stomping. It’s definitely a brachiosaurus.

(Make slurping and growling noises)

Listen. It’s eating ants and termites. It’s an anteater.
No, it’s growling. It’s a brachiosaurus.

Eating and Drinking

Look. It’s an anteater licking water from the shrub.
That’s not an anteater that’s a brachiosaurus eating leaves from the ginkgo tree.

Jaguar and Allosaurus

Listen. I hear a jaguar growling. It’s coming for the anteater!
No, it’s a pack of Allosauruses coming for the brachiosaurus!

Oh, great. It was scared off.

What are we going to do now?

I don’t know what do you want to do now?

Squirrel Swan

Oh look, it’s a squirrel.

That’s not a squirrel, it’s a swan!

The End.

For the fall I’ll make a sequel to use for a squirrel theme. Stay tuned!

For more Dig Into Reading flannel ideas, check out Lisa’s Libraryland. She’s hosting the Dig Into Reading Flannel Friday this week.

6 comments on “Anteater! Brachiosaurus!

  1. Andrea
    February 27, 2013


  2. Jane Breen
    March 1, 2013

    Wow! This is amazing!

  3. Kathryn Roach
    March 1, 2013

    Wow is right! Terrific story, thanks for sharing.

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