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White Rabbit’s Color Book

White Rabbit Buckets

I had quite a find at the dollar store this week! I’ve been looking for a while for primary colored buckets to use for White Rabbit’s Color Book and finally found them! Just in time for spring.

A little prep work is required to tell this story, but it’s well worth it in the end:

First, you need to cut felt “paint” to fit in the bottom of each bucket. Put a Velcro tab in one corner to keep it in place to cover up the bunnies.

Felt bottomRabbits hiding in red bucket

Then, you need to cut out different colored rabbits to fit inside your buckets. You’ll need:

  • white
  • yellow
  • green
  • double-sided orange and white rabbit to fit inside
  • red
  • brown
  • blue
  • double-sided purple and white rabbit to fit inside

For the purple and orange rabbits, you’ll need to fold a piece of felt in half and cut a smaller white rabbit to place inside. The rabbit takes a shower and turns white again. I use a sponge to “wash” the orange and purple off. The felt sticks to each other well, but you can always add a transparent tab of Velcro if you need to.

Rabbit TemplateOrange rabbit

You can load each bucket in the following way: I’ve included a Word template of the story White Rabbit, along with the way to load the buckets in order for storytelling, and a song I found that you can sing as you pull the colored rabbits out of the buckets.

Yellow bucketRed bucketBlue bucket

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2 comments on “White Rabbit’s Color Book

  1. Lisa Mulvenna
    March 28, 2013

    Very cool!

  2. K Leigh (@storytimefun)
    March 29, 2013

    Headed to my Dollar Store today! This is so cute! It is going to the top of my TBM (to-be-made) pile. :o)

    Thanks for sharing this week on the FF Round-Up.
    Have a lovely weekend!
    ~ K ~


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