Duck! Rabbit!

This is the time of year I read Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s Duck! Rabbit! to every child in a fifty-mile radius! I just love this story. I decided to make a flannel for this story so I can mix up my programs with a book and a flannel. It didn’t take much time or felt, and the kids love it!

Duck! Rabbit!

Here’s the original book.

Bread Carrot

Here’s the part where the duck eats bread and the rabbit eats a carrot.

Swamp Grass

This is when the duck hides in the swamp and the rabbit hides in the grass.

Drinking Cooling Off

This is when the duck is drinking water and the rabbit is so hot, he’s dunking his ears to cool off.

I like to use my lap board to make the duck fly and the rabbit hop. And the kids love putting on their binoculars to get a closer look!

Anteater Brachiosaurus

My favorite part is the last page where I say, “Oh look. I’ve found an anteater.” The children don’t need any prompting to yell out, “That’s not an anteater, that’s a dinosaur!” I wrote a sequel called Anteater! Brachiosaurus! if you’re interested. I’ll be using it for the summer reading program this year, and for lots of dinosaur storytimes in the future.

Here’s an easy craft to go along with the story:

Duck Rabbit Craft

For more flannel ideas check out In the Children’s Room blog. Or visit Flannel Friday.

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