Shape By Shape

I’ve been staring at Shape By Shape by Suse MacDonald for a couple of months thinking about how to turn this into a flannel story. I finally did it, and I’m going to go find Go Away Big Green Monster and do the same! This didn’t take too much time, and I only needed flannel sheets, scissors, masking tape and a Sharpie. I worked sheet to sheet so everything would line up. I used the masking tape to put a strip on the back of each sheet with the words so I wouldn’t forget. Here it is:

Dino Guess

Do you know what I am? I lived a long, long time ago.

Dino Eyes

I had round eyes…

Dino Teeth

lots of sharp teeth…

Dino Mouth

a very wide mouth…

Dino Glance

a fierce glance…

Dino Head

an oh-so-smooth head…

Dino Scales

and many, many scales.

Have you guessed? I was the biggest dinosaur ever…


a Brachiosaurus!

The finished dinosaur measures about three feet wide. I can’t wait to use this with the summer group.

For more flannel ideas, check out Miss Courtney Meets Bobo. Or visit Flannel Friday to see how to participate.

4 thoughts on “Shape By Shape

    1. Yes. I used one three foot length of white and one three foot length of green felt from the craft store. I cut out the hole for the face to place it over the face sheets. Thanks!

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