Archaeological Dig

In preparation for this summer’s Dig Into Reading theme, I’m doing an Archaeological Club for school aged children. I setup my “digs” to bring to school visits to ramp up the program. It did take some prep work, but I think it will be well worth the effort!

Dino Bones

First, you’ll need chicken wings to use as “dinosaur bones.” There are plenty of recipes to prepare the bones for use online. Basically you boil the bones to get all the meat off, then bleach them and let them dry overnight.

Then you’ll need to purchase transparent shoe boxes, sand, soil (organic: has no chemicals), and rocks. I went to the dollar store to find small plastic dinosaurs. And, as I was poking around Michael’s Craft Store, I happened upon Safari Ltd’s Dino Skull Toob on clearance. I picked up a tube to use for this project and I think the kids will love them! (I also found a set of soliders and native Americans to use.)

Shoe Box

I labeled each shoe box with North/South/East/West.

I divided the dinos and skulls into 6 tubs by continent/country:

Continent Africa
Cretaceous Nigersaurus
Jurassic Brachiosaurus
Continent North America
Cretaceous Dracorex
Jurassic Diplodocus & Dilophosaurus
Continent South America
1700s Native Americans
Cretaceous Carnotaurus
Countries Mongolia & China
Cretaceous Velociraptor & Oviraptor
Jurassic Dilophosaurus
Continent North America
1831-1865 Civil War Soldiers
Cretaceous T-Rex & Triceratops
Continent North America
Cretaceous Triceratops & Parasaurolophus
Jurassic Brachiosaurus

Bottom layer with sand

I poured a layer of sand down first (so nothing peeks through), then placed the bottom layer together.

Rock covering everything

I added sand on top, then a layer of rock.

Soil and Grid

I added the upper layer, then covered with soil. I put three strips of tape to mimic the handout so children will excavate one section at a time.

Africa lid

I labeled each lid with the corresponding number and continent/country.

Six Digs

Here are the six “digs” ready to be excavated! Here’s a Shoe Box Excavation handout you can use for the children.

Dig Tool Kit

Here are the archeological tool kits for each excavation team. (Brush, tweezers, sifter, Q-tips)

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