Knuffle Bunny

Knuffle Bunny Craft

This is a first in a series of Mo Willems crafts for an author study. After reading the new classic Knuffle Bunny, the children will make a washing machine filled with clothes and, of course, Knuffle Bunny.

You’ll need:

Knuffle Bunny Washing Machine copied on cardstock

Brads or paper fasteners (2 per child)

Sandwich sized baggies

Knuffle Bunny Laundry coloring page

Hole punch



Back of Washing Machine


For adult: Cut out the porthole of the washing machine, and cut out the “door.”

For children: Color and cut out the clothes with Knuffle Bunny.

Tape the sandwich baggie to the back of the washing machine.

Use the hole punch and punch two holes through the cardstock and baggie. (You can do this ahead of time if you have only one hole punch.)

Use the two brads to fasten together.

Place the laundry in the washing machine.

You can add glitter to make it look sudsy.

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