Using Puppets with a Picture Book

One of my favorite books to share with a crowd is The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark by Ken Geist. The children’s favorite part of the story is the puppet I use with it. This is how I began using puppets in storytime. In the beginning of my career I was too intimidated to use puppets. I went to lectures where the professional carries around a puppet stage and instructs you to never leave a “dead” puppet in view. Being a one-person children’s department it was always impossible to have a traditional puppet show (plus I have storytime in a shared community room where there are author talks and art openings where there is no room for a puppet theatre!). One day, I found this awesome shark puppet and decided to try using it with the story. It was a hit! So, I found some fish finger puppets and have been using this method ever since. Here’s a demonstration on how to begin using puppets with picture books:

Another story to use like this is Denise Fleming’s Lunch. (In the video I’m demonstrating how to tell the story with a basic flannel board. If you haven’t ventured into this yet, this is a great beginniner story. You can also read the book to the children and have the mouse puppet “eat” up all the food.)

For other storytime ideas check out Fun with Friends at Storytime. She’s hosting Flannel Friday this week.

What is your favorite picture book to use with a puppet?

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