How to Organize Your Storytime Supplies

I am lucky enough to have storage room in the basement of my library to store flannel stories and puppets.

I organize my flannels in two ways: one in milk crates and cardboard boxes, and one in Excel. All the stories are in alphabetical order.


I have the 1) Title of the Book, 2) # of Flannel Pieces (to make sure I enough to share), and 3) Themes. I am consistent with my themes so I can search using keywords. For instance, “Dog’s Colorful Day” themes would include: colors, counting, numbers, bedtime, dogs, bathtime. When I am planning and prepping my future programs, I am able to search keywords in Excel with a document I created.

Flannel list

My puppets are also alphabetically organized in tupperware bins (to keep them safe from dust and insects).

Puppet Organization

Each tub has a list of the puppets that live in it.Puppet bins

My Excel sheet matches the puppet bins so I can easily find what I’m looking for.

Puppets List

I do the same with my Big Books collection. (Though they weren’t really picture-worthy. You can see them under the Puppet Bins.)

I’ve recently developed my Finger Puppet collection. I have them stored in several gallon-size Ziplock bags in no particular order.

Finger puppet storage

I choose a song I want to use for a storytime session, and place them in a small basket to handout and collect during the program.

Finger Puppet Basket

I developed an Excel sheet so I can pair up the correct song and puppets together. This list features 1)Song Title 2) Artist 3) Album 4-10) the Puppets in Order of Appearance.

Finger Puppet Songs

For more flannel and storytime ideas, check out Future Librarian Superhero’s blog. She hosting Flannel Friday this week.

4 thoughts on “How to Organize Your Storytime Supplies

  1. Fantastic post! I am finally organizing my flannels. I am taking pictures of all my flannels and posting them on Photo Bucket. Then I tag each on with a tag…. i.e. colors, sheep, farms, counting etc. And I also tag them with the folder they will be located so I can find the one I’m looking for. If I tag each item in each flannel, I can pull a horse from one and make a flannel story without having to craft another horse.

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