Little Mouse’s Big Secret

Little Mouses Secret

This is one of my favorite fall stories. Unfortunately the illustrations are too small to use in storytime. So I worked up a way to use this story with puppets and a special handmade prop. You can dazzle your kids with this story. Here’s what you’ll need:

Mouse and Apple

Puppets (you can always substitute with what you have):

  • mouse
  • squirrel
  • bird
  • turtle
  • hedgehog
  • bunny
  • frog


Bouquet Wire

If you buy a bouquet that is made of wire you won’t have to do this step. If you purchase the Ikea bouquet, you’ll need to cut off the bottom of the bouquet and replace it with craft wire for flexibility.

Floral tape bouquet

Wrap it with floral tape.

Feed the bouquet through the mailing tube, keeping the battery end on the bottom to hide in your lap when you tell the story.

You can begin the story with the bouquet hidden in the tube. Each time an animal comes to mouse you can feed the bouquet up a little bit.

By the end of the story, the whole bouquet should be sticking out of the tube. (That’s when you dazzle them by turning on the lights!)

Little Mouse's Secret Tree

And voila! The apple tree. The kids will be astonished!

Mouse's Secret

For more storytime ideas Storytime ABCs, she’s hosting Flannel Friday this week.

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