Squirrel! Swan!

For the 2013 summer reading program, I wrote a sequel to Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s Duck! Rabbit! called Anteater! Brachiosaurus! It was a big hit, so I decided to write one for the fall titled Squirrel! Swan! Here it is:

Squirrel! Swan!

Squirrel Swan

Hey look, it’s a squirrel!
It’s not a squirrel, it’s a swan.

Acorn water

Look. It’s eating an acorn. It’s a squirrel.
No, it’s drinking water. It’s a swan.

(Shake lap flannel board)

Look, it’s twitching. It’s definitely a squirrel.
No, it’s preening its feathers. It’s definitely a swan.

Soil and pondweed

Look. It’s hiding its acorn in the soil. It’s a squirrel.
No, it’s having a pondweed snack. It’s a swan.


Look. Its nest is in the hollowed tree. It’s a squirrel.
No, its nest is in the reeds. It’s a swan.


Oh, it’s climbing in the oak tree. It’s definitely a squirrel.
No, it’s shading itself under the weeping willow. It’s definitely a swan.

Owl fox

Uh, oh! Here comes an owl. It’s coming for the squirrel.
No, it’s a fox. It’s coming for the swan.

Oh, great. It was scared off.

What are we going to do now?

I don’t know what do you want to do now?

Seal polar bear

Oh, look, it’s a seal.

That’s not a seal, it’s a polar bear!

The End.

Stay tuned for my winter story titled Seal! Polar Bear!

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