The Day the Crayons Quit

Crayon book and tin

My new favorite picture book is now a flannel story! I wanted to use this book with my outreach programs, but some of my groups are pretty big. So, while I was back-to-school shopping for glue sticks and crayons I found this Crayola tin. Perfect! Here’s how you can have a matching story:

Take the butcher paper that you use to cover your craft tables with and cut them into big pieces (white construction paper will work, too). You’ll need a total of 12, plus one extra big one for the finale. Fold them to fit into the tin. Cut out coordinating felt pieces to go with each color. With my big groups, I’m going to just use the tin with Duncan’s letters to read the story. You can pass out the felt pieces to get the children to match the colors at the right time throughout the story.

red crayon

1) Red Crayon

purple crayon

2) Purple crayon

beige crayon

3) Beige crayon

gray crayon

4) Gray crayon

white crayon

5) White crayon (I used black construction paper and white chalk. Then I sprayed the paper with fixative so it won’t smudge.)

black crayon

6) Black crayon

green crayon

7) Green crayon

yellow crayon

8) Yellow crayon

orange crayon

9) Orange crayon

blue crayon

10) Blue crayon

pink crayon

11) Pink crayon

12) Peach crayon (I haven’t made a prop to go with this yet. I was thinking of making a giant crayon and removable wrapper to give him “clothes” at the end of the story. Until then, I think I’ll skip this color because as of right now there’s no closure for this color.)

Day Crayons Quit

The big finale where all the colors live happily ever after! This sheet is about two feet by two feet and makes quite an impact when unfolded!

For more flannel ideas check out Notes From the Story Room. She’s hosting this week’s Flannel Friday.

4 thoughts on “The Day the Crayons Quit

  1. Love it! And it is a great companion book for The Crayon Box That Talked which I made into a magnetic board set last year. This is my newest project for my TBM (to be made) pile. Thank you for the inspiration! Btw, your pieces are beautiful! My favorites are the gray ones. :o)

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