There was an Old Monster

Old monster

I’m preparing early for Halloween this year and am making a series of monster stories. Emberley’s There Was an Old Monster is a perfect story to convert to flannel! And, you can download the free song here.

First I made the monster (seen above). Then I made each animal:


Tick (with stomach)

monster with animals

The rest of the animals: Ants, Lizard, Bat, Jackal, and Bear.

old monster tummy


Lion (I love the over-sized piece!) The finished product is about 2 feet by 4 feet!

finished monsterI can’t wait to use this throughout the month of October with my in-house storytimes, and outreach!

For more flannel ideas check out Storytime with the Library Lady. she’s hosting Flannel Friday this week.

5 thoughts on “There was an Old Monster

  1. Okay! When you are sleeping tonight…I am coming to get this Old Monster! I am! I’ll bring Piper, she won’t get swallowed up! This is beyond cool. You and your kids will have way too much fun with this! ~ jane

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