Pete the Cat’s Groovy Buttons

Pete and 4 buttons

I love Pete the Cat, and so do my storytimers. I was so inspired by all the FFs out there that made Pete stories, I decided to try my own. It took a little work (and help from my husband!) but it was well worth the effort. Here’s how:

I found a Creatology felt set on clearance at Michael’s, so I bought it to sacrifice for Pete. (You can cover a piece of cardboard in dark blue to get the same effect.) I cut out yellow felt and hot glued it to Pete for his shirt (don’t forget to leave a triangle piece that comes off to show his belly button). I used white, yellow, and black paint to put the finishing touches on him.

My husband drilled four holes and cut a slit for each rubber band to fit into.

Rubber band in slot

I also found 4 colorful buttons at the craft store and threaded them with rubber bands, leaving a piece to fit into the slit.

Buttons with rubber band

Time Part of song
0:20-0:30 4 buttons  
1:01-1:12 3 buttons  
1:44-1:53 2 buttons  
2:24-2:34 1 buttons  
3:16-3:30 belly button  

Here’s a Pete the Cat Buttons Craft to use with the story. You can find self-adhesive buttons through Oriental (you get 800 for $10.50), or you can use Dot Markers or circle stickers.

For more flannel ideas check out Read It Again, she’s hosting Flannel Friday this week.

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