Tweak Tweak

Tweak Tweak

A newer picture book by Eve Bunting is a sweet tale about an elephant asking his mother questions about how he is different from other animals. Every time Elephant has a question, he tweaks Mama’s tail twice. I have the kids act it out with me each time and they love it!


Elephant asking if he can sing like Songbird.

Elephant Frog

Elephant asking if he can jump like Frog.

Elephant Butterfly

Elephant asking if he can fly like Butterfly.

Elephant Alligator

Elephant asking if he can swim like Crocodile.

Elephant Monkey

Elephant asking if he can climb like Monkey.

You can use this with puppets as well:

Here are two different craft ideas to use with this story. You can download the pdf files here: Tweak Tweak craft

Tweak craft2

Punch a hole for Elephants nose and push a noisemaker through it to make Elephant’s trunk.

Tweak Tweak Craft

Punch a hole for Elephant’s tail and tape a piece of yarn for Elephant’s tail.

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