Flannel Friday 11/1/13

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This is Flannel Friday for November 1, 2013.

We have a lot to choose from this week!

First up we have Stories with Ms. Jenna. She created a Barnyard/Farm theme folktale called Too Much Noise. This is a cute story you can use with any of your farm flannels. In a previous post she adapted it to fit a Zoo theme. So many possibilities with this one!

Letter Caterpillar

Fun with Friends at Storytime created a caterpillar (not a Very Hungry Caterpillar) that can be used incorporate the ECRR. She used a die cut machine, which I wish I had! Of course, you can use puffy paint instead which is what I’ll be doing in the near future.

Notes from the Story Room has another gem! There are three characters in this easy-to-tell folktale: Rooster, Dragon and Worm. Rooster Loses His Magic Feather tells the story of why Roosters can’t fly and Dragons can. Her clip art is amazing and includes a “Magic Feather.”

There’s a Fall-a-Palooza over at Piper Loves the Library! In addition to falling leaves and dinosaurs, she creates a take-home craft that is perfect to use with a Mouse theme. I am a little disappointed not to see our flannel superhero in costume, though!

What is Bridget Reading? created a masterpiece of felt owls (no puffy paint needed!). They are a work of art and I’m looking for a folder of Owl fingerplays to use them!

1234 More Storytimes invented a game using a Twister spinner, pigs, and colored circles. You have to check it out. Use it for color identification, counting, or matching!!

Halloween Clip Clop

Storytiming adapted one of my favorite stories, Clip Clop, to a Halloween theme that I intend to use next year! Now I’m thinking of a way to do this for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day…

Another Halloween theme that is going in the TBM pile for next year are two fingerplays at Catch the Possibilities. Five Sticky Lollipops and the Candy Bar Countdown are adorable! As Kathryn said, we’ll need to follow up with a Tooth Brushing theme after this one. Haha.


And, finally I’m sharing one of my favorite stories, Pouch! Complete with flannel pieces, a video clip and a craft idea. Maybe I’ll work this into a Christmas theme with the “Home Alone” face. I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

For more information on Flannel Friday, check out the website here.

Next week Tracey at 1234 More Storytimes is hosting the Thanksgiving & Hanukkah Roundup, so be ready!

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