I Love My New Toy

Break and Snap Toy

This is another installment in the Mo Willems author study series. In I Love My New Toy Piggie gets a new toy that Elephant breaks. Squirrel helps them to figure out it’s a Break-and-Snap Toy. I found a way to use up the extra eggs leftover from a shaker craft.

Here’s how:

eggs (you have to buy ones that have ventilation holes)

pipe cleaners (cut into 1/4s)

small self-adhesive foam and/or jewel stickers

pom poms (optional)


Open up enough eggs for the amount of children you have. Mix and match the colors, then distribute.

Twist Pipe Cleaners

Insert 1/4 pipe cleaner into each hole of one half of the egg. Twist together twice. Repeat for the other half of the egg.

Snap egg together. Decorate with stickers. (I tried gluing pom poms to the end of the pipe cleaners with the children, but white glue doesn’t hold. If you’d like to do a little prep work ahead of time, you can hot glue pom poms to the ends of the pipe cleaners.)

Now you have a Break-and-Snap Toy just like Elephant and Piggie!

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