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Last week I wrote about my first mixed age program I will be doing once a month. I will be focusing on picture books that were made into movies. I want to use picture books because all the participants will listen to the book at the beginning of the program. That way there is no requirement to watch the film to participate in the program. If a word, phrase, or character comes up that they didn’t hear in the picture book, then it came from the movie.

There’s a great website to generate your own Bingo cards. Here are Shrek Bingo Cards ready to print.

Here’s a Power Point you can use to call out the Bingo words and phrases: Shrek Books vs Movies

To play:

  • Give each child a Bingo Card, a red crayon and a green crayon.
  • Choose a category and number value in the Power Point presentation to reveal a word, phrase, or character. Have the children decide if it came from the book or movie.
  • If the word, phrase, or character came from the book color the box red.
  • If the word, phrase, or character came from the book color the box green.
  • You can offer prizes for the first child who has an all red Bingo, an all green Bingo, and a “Blackout” Bingo (where every square is colored).

For more Book vs. Movies ideas click here. For more after school ideas, check out Thrive Thursday to learn how you can participate!

3 thoughts on “Book vs Movie: Shrek

  1. I’ve been doing a Book to Movie Dinner Club for patrons in 2nd – 5th grade for the past two years! It has been wildly successful. I know the age difference is pretty big, but every other month we do a picture book and then a longer chapter book type book:) We are actually doing Shrek! next month too!

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