Thrive Thursday Roundup 12/19/13

We have an array of school aged programming this week. Drum roll please…

Santa's KitchenFirst up we have a couple of holiday programs you can add to your calendar for next year. In Short I’m Busy has a Santa’s Kitchen activity station complete with cookies and ornaments. A lot of prep and setup time is needed, but this all ages program was a big success!

Piper Nutcracker

I can’t resist Piper Loves the Library’s Nutcracker performance. If you have a ballet or dance company in your town to work with, you should try to duplicate this!


Romp, Riot, Read spent a lot of time creating a life size Candy Land game. You can tell there was an extreme amount of work that went into this. I want to jump on the squares right now! This can be used as a yearly program now that all the hard work was done.

Eric Carle Paint FinishedI was so inspired by a professional development workshop at the Eric Carle Museum, that I am creating a club after him. This can be used as an art program or a reading program. I can’t wait to play some more with the rubbing plates and Q-tips!

If you’re looking for passive programs, check these out:

Janes Hats

Storytime Underground wrote a fingerplay for Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. You can gives tweens and teens the same idea. I might even try this myself. How about the 5 Little Zombies?!

Snowman bookmarkThe ALSC blog has some cool winter bookmark ideas for the winter vacation to keep the idle children busy.

For more information about Thrive Thursday check out the schedule and Pinterest board. Watch for the placeholder before the first Thursday of the month and participate!

3 thoughts on “Thrive Thursday Roundup 12/19/13

  1. Santa’s Kitchen is my holiday program that ends the year. Like all my programs, it’s all ages, so we had toddlers up through tweens. (if you’re wondering why I do something so holiday-specific, I’ll note that I live in the “Christmas card town”, the annual tree-lighting/Santa visit happens after hours in the library’s community room, and the library is the repository for the Christmas card paintings – 23 and counting)

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