Eric Carle Club

After attending the best professional workshop I’ve ever been to at the Eric Carle Picture Book Museum, I am inspired to plan an Eric Carle Club for the spring. After introducing the children to Eric Carle, I am going to setup two different kinds of stations: a paint station and a crayon station. You’ll have most of the supplies around already. You can purchase rubbing plates (Lakeshore has great quality ones!), or you can make your own.

Eric Carle Rubbing PlatesCrayon-only table:

  • Rubbing plates
  • crayons
  • sheets of tissue paper

Eric Carle Paint SuppliesPaint-only table:

  • sheets of tissue paper
  • paint palettes/dessert sized plates
  • cotton balls
  • wine corks/coasters (see here for more details: this post was sponsored by Q-Tip so you know, but it’s still really cool!)

Eric Carle Paint FinishedFinished product.

This will be the first in a continuing series. I will use these sheets of tissue paper for the children to use in future programs to create masterpieces. Stay tuned!

For more after school programs, check out Thrive Thursday. Look for the placeholder on Tuesdays.

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