Mr. Shark

Mr Shark

My Mr. Shark puppet has a life of his own. He swims to Connecticut for the spring, then returns to the Caribbean for the fall and winter months. (When my husband and I went on vacation in St. Maarten, we sent a postcard from Mr. Shark!) I had to create a life for this puppet, or I wouldn’t be able to read a story that isn’t shark-related to any child in the area! I’ve perfected ways of using him with two stories:

I couldn’t find a copy of Shark in the Park that wasn’t damaged, and the board book was too small to use in storytime. So I made my own version:

Shark Park Board

This is a canvas board (you can find at a craft/art store) that has felt glued to it and painted with fabric paint. (Notice the black crow, black cat, and Timmy’s dad hiding behind the newspaper.)

Shark Park

I then bought a white piece of felt to cover the board and cut a hole in it for the telescope.

Shark Park Peek

To tell the story, I ask all the children to put on their telescopes. I say the rhyme with them, and as we are rhyming I slip one of the animals in between the board and peek hole.

Shark Park Animals

Here are the things found in the book: bird, cat, Timmy’s dad, and of course, Mr. Shark.

Shark Park Cat

When I take the white felt off, the children love to laugh when I show them what’s hiding.

I’m trying to think of ways to expand the story…I guess I need to take my viewfinder out for a hike!

I also, love to use The Three Little Fish and the Big, Bad Shark with Mr. Shark and finger puppets:

What’s your favorite Shark activity? (Mr. Shark needs something new for his suitcase. Haha.)

For more ideas to use in storytime, check out Lisa’s Libraryland. She’s hosting Flannel Friday this week.

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