Oh, No!

Candace Fleming’s Oh, No! is mesmerizing with its rhyming text. I have been wanting to expand my puppet stories and decided to add this to my repertoire. After reading Betsy Diamant-Cohen’s Transforming Preschool Storytime, I have been experimenting. In my outreach programs (I see the children once a month), I have been reading a picture book, then telling the same story using either flannel pieces or puppets. Sometimes I change the story a little depending on my puppet collection. After, we discuss ways that the book and puppet story were different. Before I leave, I ask the children to vote on their favorite way of listening to the story.

What ways do you incorporate repetition into your storytime programs?

Here’s a video clip of the puppet version of Oh, No!

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One thought on “Oh, No!

  1. I like doing books that are based off songs/fingerplays and then following that book with the original song/activity (like Itsy Bitsy Mouse and The Itsy Bitsy Spider). Sometimes the kids chime in on their own like, “Hey! This is a lot like the book we just read.” Then we chat about it.

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