Thrive Thursday Roundup 1/9/14

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We have a few offerings this week:

tooth fairy

The first is from Tiny Tips for Library Fun and is for early elementary school students to celebrate Dental Health Month (February). Complete with a bibliography and a life-size tooth activity. Ask a guest speaker to come in and teach the children how to properly brush and floss. Or, dress as the Tooth Fairy and expand with tooth fairy books! I’ll be using this in a few weeks.

Hermit Crab Finished

My offering is another Eric Carle activity to use with his House for Hermit Crab. Use glitter paint, foam stickers and let the children explore the paint medium.


And, the ALSC Blog offers some ideas on finding inspiration when planning programs. These can be used for any age!

For more information check out the Pinterest board and newly formed Facebook Group. Watch for the placeholder before the first Thursday of the month and participate!

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