Thrive Thursday Roundup 1/16/14

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We have a variety of great school age programs this week with record-breaking participation!


First up is the dynamic duo of Wisconsin. In addition to leading an awesome webinar on stress-free Unprogramming, Amy Koester and Marge Loch-Wouters shared easy-to-steal ideas. The Show Me Librarian shares her after hours family program that includes fort building, reading, hide-and-seek and lots of fun! I can’t wait to use this.

ST YogaTiny Tips for Library Fun collaborated with a friend to do a yoga program for school aged children. Librarian + yoga teacher = movement and laughter

bedtime math

Anne at So Tomorrow combines pajamas, math, and families for free fun. Yes, that’s right. FREE! You have to read all the details.


Bryce Don’t Play capitalizes on school closings to add programming to the school age. Use up all of your odds and ends to create happy kids on a day of from school. The best part: the program runs itself!

cookie jar

Storytime ABC’s creates an incentive program for the school age. This program has a menu of options to ultimately join the cookie party! If you’re looking for ways to spice up your summer reading program, you want to check this out! So many ideas…I’m going to make the Pete the Cat bookmark tonight.

Smores Kids

I’m sharing my annual program called Books and Smores. Add a cozy winter treat to a weekly reading of a chapter book and you’ll have 45 kids asking for more!

Share your school aged programming. Watch for the Thrive Thursday on the first week of the month, and participate. To check out past roundups, click here. For more information check out the Pinterest board and newly formed Facebook Group.

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