I Broke My Trunk

I Broke My Trunk Craft

The Elephant and Piggie series is the most popular at my library for beginning readers. I’ve developed some activities to go with this series and other Mo Willems books. Here’s one for I Broke My Trunk.

You’ll Need:

Copies of I Broke My Trunk for everyone (you can copy Piggie on pink paper, and Elephant and Hippos on blue paper)

One piece of 11×17 construction paper for each child

Hole punch

Noisemaker (Oriental Trading has these in bulk. The barely make noise!)




Cut out Elephant, Piggie, and the Hippos.

Glue all the animals to the 11 x 17 paper.

Use a hole punch punch a nose hole for Gerald.

Push the noisemaker through the hole and blow to watch Gerald’s nose hold up Hippo and the piano.

If you have a larger group, you’ll want to hole punch Gerald and the 11×17 paper ahead of time.

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