Flannel Friday Roundup 1/31/14

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We have a bountiful Flannel Friday Roundup today! But first things first: Flannel Friday needs your help! Amy at Catch the Possibilities fills you in on how you can participate in the FF community in addition to posting your fabulous ideas. Check it out and use the email posted.

Katie at Story Time Secrets shares a poem story called Who is Tapping at My Window? She includes a link to the original poem and her slideshow with links to the clip art she used. You can easily recreate this in either electronic or flannel form.

Celebrating Dental Health Month is Kathryn from Fun with Friends at Storytime with her Tooth Fairy Game. It’s the perfect variation to Little Mouse, Are You Behind the (Color) House. I’m off to make my own!

Christine at Felt Board Ideas has cute patterns to use with the traditional Old MacDonald. Create stick puppets or finger puppets with these.

Itsy Bitsy Mom posted a Groundhog Shadow Game that mixes weather, making predictions, and shadows into one big ball of fun!

Meg the Megnificent of Miss Meg’s Storytime has a stolen version of bears from the master at Mel’s Desk featuring a brown bear, koala bear, polar bear, and panda bear (add a black bear to complete the ensemble).

Mrs. Todd, A Librarian Less Ordinary, is sharing her amazing bear hunt through the library. I’m so jealous of this interactive trip. I might be able to use this as an after hours party idea…

Lisa’s Libraryland has a Valentine’s Day Match Game. Though most of us would use this idea during storytime, Lisa extended it to use in the children’s room. It only takes a little prep work, money, and bribery to steal this idea.

I can’t get enough of Linda’s original stories from Notes From the Story Room! She shares one with us for Valentine’s Day, and there’s still enough time to make this for your storytime.

Library Village shares a How to Build a Snowman flannel story that’s based on a book. You can make your own “recipe” by adding each element of a snowman in flannel pieces.

If you’re feeling crafty you can crochet cookies like Bridget! What is Bridget Reading? created awesome Oreos, gingersnaps, chocolate chip, sugar, and sprinkles to die for. They’re making me hungry.

And, finally I’m sharing a cookie story after staring at Bridget’s cookies! I’m sharing Who Took the Cookies complete with a flannel idea, puppet idea, and a ready-to-use craft.

To participate in Flannel Friday check out the website, Twitter, Pinterest, and/or Facebook Group.

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