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Using Eventbrite for After School Programs


My library has been using Eventbrite for years, but recently just learned about all of its potential. I have a template setup for children’s programs and ask parents for the following information: parent’s name, child’s name, phone number, email, and a custom question that they have to agree to the Library’s Unattended Children’s Policy. (For more details on setting up custom questions, check out their site. Their tutorial covers everything you need to know.) I started this about one year ago and it’s a great improvement! Now parents understand that the Library does not act in loco parentis.

You can ask custom questions in the form of multiple choice, a waiver, or paragraph form.

In addition to adding a maximum number of participants, you can setup a one-time only program, or an event that repeats daily/weekly/monthly.

Emails to attendees

This free service is great because you can also keep in touch with parents. You can setup reminders to let the parents know when the program is beginning, or you can email parents if the Library cancels due to snow/power outage/illness. And, you can promote your next round of programs or the summer reading theme.

I setup two different templates for you to test:

Unattended Childrens Policy Waiver Eventbrite

One Shot Program: including a custom waiver with the Unattended Children’s Policy

Weekly Ongoing Eventbrite

Bus question eventbrite

Weekly Program: including series of dates and a transportation question

What service do you use? What are your favorite things about it? What questions do you ask families registering?

4 comments on “Using Eventbrite for After School Programs

  1. Megan Burns
    February 12, 2014

    Can I ask what your unattended children’s policy is? We are looking at rewording ours and am keen to see how others have approached it 🙂 Megan, NZ

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