Summer Reading Board Game

Each summer I try to put a new spin on our reading program. In past years I’ve done really successful Bingo Card Reading Challenges. This year I want to create a board game in which the challenges change each week. This will tempt the children to come in every week to see what’s new.

For each reading challenge they complete, they will earn one sticker to add to our challenge wall. The age groups are broken up by schools in our district: Pre-K, K-3rd, 4-6th. For each board they complete, they will be able to pick a prize from our prize bin.

SR Board Game 1

SR Board Game 2

SR Board Game 3

SR Board Game 4

SR Board Game 5

SR Board Game 6

SR Board Game 7

SR Board Game 8What do you do for your program?

For more ideas check out Catch the Possibilities. She’s hosting the Flannel Friday Summer Reading Extravaganza this year.

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