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Happy 3rd Anniversary, Flannel Friday!

3rd bday ff

Anne at So Tomorrow is hosting the Flannel Friday compilation for the third “birthday” edition!

I first became aware of Flannel Friday about a year and a half ago. Since then, I’ve been stealing and adding stories to each week’s compilation. I’m also happy to be making friends through the Facebook Group. I feel like I have a good professional network and people I can go to with questions. Flannel Friday even inspired me to start a school age blog hop (Thrive Thursday)!

Here’s a very short list of a few of my favorites:

Inspired by Flannel Friday:

To Be Made Pile (do you see a theme?!):

Favorites I’ve Made:

My New Share:

Wolverine or 2 Batman

Since my favorite stories I share have been optical illusions stories, I wrote a new one for this festive occasion. I took the optical illusion of Wolverine or Batman Looking in the Mirror and wrote a little ditty. Check it out. There will be more to come featuring Spider-Man, Penguin, and other heroes and villains!

2 comments on “Happy 3rd Anniversary, Flannel Friday!

  1. itsybitsymom
    March 13, 2014

    Hello! I had a comment on the Not a Box post that one reader tried coffee filters and they worked! I had tried coffee filters before and mine did not work, so not all coffee filters work – but maybe you could experiment! I also just saw this site Fleet Farm – it appears they are selling them again!—15-In./0000000001456?utm_source=googleps&utm_medium=shopping%2Bsearch&utm_campaign=google%2Bproduct%20search&gslfah&gclid=COzsi7mukL0CFSho7AodqTIAKg

    Please let me know if you find them!

  2. Katie
    March 16, 2014

    Good luck finding the milk filters! If you have a local farm supplies store, that’s another option depending on where you live. šŸ˜€


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