Wonder Woman Flannel Board

Wonder Woman

Ralph Cosentino’s superhero picture book series is amazing! I’ve used his stories in pre-K and early elementary classes and they’re a hit with all ages! I love them so much, I made flannel sets to accompany the stories (stay tuned for Batman and Superman):

Wonder Woman (2)

Wonder Woman: The Story of the Amazon Princess is the kind of princess I can read about to children! It features the story of her defeating all the boys to win the contest, her invisible jet, and her cool silver cuffs and golden lasso.

Wonder Woman (1)

This book also taught me about her arch enemies: Ares, Silver Swan, Cheetah, and Circe.

I’m looking for a cool craft to go with this story. So if you have one, please post in the comments section!

For more flannel ideas check out Itsy Bitsy Mom, she’s hosting Flannel Friday this week.

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