Ten Little Caterpillars

Ten Little Caterpillars (2)I always have a Lois Ehlert book in my To Be Made Pile! Her stories are so rich and adaptable to different ages. I wanted to make a Caterpillar-to-Butterfly activity to share with the children after reading the story. I could use these in different ways with different groups of children. I know some of the children will never be able to sit through 10, so I wanted to make them all and mix them up when necessary. I made 10 butterfly shapes that fold in half. I used felt/puffy paint to glue/draw a caterpillar on the front of each, then colored in the accompanying butterfly or moth:

10 CaterpillarsI used the last two pages of her book as a template:

Ten Little Caterpillars (3)
1-5 caterpillars
Ten Little Caterpillars (4)
1-5 butterflies/moths
Ten Little Caterpillars (5)
6-10 caterpillars
Ten Little Caterpillars (1)
6-10 butterflies/moths

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