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You Can Do Anything, Daddy!

You Can Do Anything DaddyI just learned that one of my other favorite superhero stories is no longer in print (blowing nose now). If you can get your hands on this, I highly recommend it! (Or, you can watch my video and create your own flannel!) This adventure story is great for many storytime themes: Dads, superheroes, pirates, bedtime. I use it frequently and am asked for it over and over! I do apologize to Michael Rex, though, because there is one page spread that I dislike so much I actually stapled the pages together in my copy and never read it aloud (it features Dad plucking the feathers off of vultures).

You Can Do Anything Daddy Flannel (1)

The various pirates that kidnap “Michael”: pirate, gorilla pirate, robot gorilla pirate and the robot gorilla pirate from Mars.

You Can Do Anything Daddy Flannel (2)

Daddy fights sharks, snakes, tigers and saves the day with his gold watch.

You Can Do Anything Daddy Flannel (3)

You Can Do Anything Daddy Flannel (4)

You can make a bunch of band aids to pass them out to the children so they can participate in the story.

Here’s my version:

You Can Do Anything Daddy with Bandaid

Here’s a craft (make sure you buy cool band-aids to accompany this craft to make Daddy feel better!): You Can Do Anything, Daddy

For more flannel ideas, check out the weekly blog hop called Flannel Friday. I just happen to be hosting this week!

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