Spider-Man or Green Goblin

Spiderman or Green Goblin

Since superheroes are a perennial favorite in storytime, I was so excited when I came across Simon C. Page’s amazing optical illusion! The kids love these kind of stories! I was originally inspired by Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s Duck! Rabbit! and since then have been writing my own (including Anteater Brachiosaurus, Squirrel Swan, and Wolverine or 2 Batman). I came up with a story for this illusion and a take-home coloring page:

Green Goblin or Spiderman (Begin holding the image upside down and leave it that way throughout the story.)

Goblin or Spiderman

Hey look, it’s the Green Goblin!

No, it’s Spiderman hanging from a building!

Listen, he said his real name is Harry Osborn.
No, I heard him whisper that his real name is Peter Parker!

See that in the corner? That’s Green Goblin’s Glider!
No, I see Spiderman’s web shooters on the table.

Oh, look! I think those are Goblin’s Pumpkin Bombs moving in the corner.
No, that’s just Spidey’s sense going off!

See that, it’s an Oscorp ID. It’s definitely the Green Goblin!
No, that’s a photographer’s ID for the Daily Bugle. It’s Spiderman!

There’s a picture of Liz Allen over there. Everyone knows that’s Green Goblin’s girlfriend.
No, that’s Mary Jane, or M.J. as Spidey likes to call her!

Uh, oh. Where’d he go? (Hide paper behind back)

He must have went to a Gathering of the Five Meeting. It was Green Goblin!
No, he must have met the Avengers. It was Spiderman!

Coloring Page: Spiderman or Green Goblin

Stay tuned for Batman or Penguin…

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