Batman or Penguin

Batman or Penguin

I recently wrote a post about Simon C. Page’s Spider-Man or Green Goblin, and am excited that he has another superhero optical illusion. I wrote a story to tell the children and look forward to them yelling, “No Batman!”

Penguin or Batman

Hey look, it’s the Penguin!
It’s not the Penguin, it’s Batman!

No, I heard him say, “My friends call me Oswald.”
No, he whispered that his friend know him as Bruce Wayne.

I see an umbrella hiding under his coat. It must be Penguin.
That’s Batman’s utility belt!

I hear music, it must be coming from the Iceberg Lounge. It’s Penguin!
No, I hear electronics working hard in Wayne Manor. It’s Batman!

Look, I see a tuxedo, top hat, monocle and white gloves. It’s Penguin!
No, I see a black cape. It’s Batman!

I see his entourage of henchmen. It’s got to be the Penguin.
No, it’s his trusty side-kick, Robin. It’s definitely Batman!

Oh no, he’s getting away in the limo. It’s Penguin.
No, that’s the Batmobile. It’s Batman!

Uh, oh. Where’d he go?

He must have gone to his hiding place in the sewers. It was the Penguin!
No, he must have gone to the secret Batcave. It was Batman!

Coloring page: Batman or Penguin

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