Thrive Thursday Roundup June 2014

Thrive Thursday LogoThis month’s roundup features an array of active program ideas you can use right away:

First up is Librarian Out Loud. She’s sharing her Teen Anime Cafe program where teens learn to make a Japanese dish. I’m getting hungry just looking at these pictures!

Marge’s Kids Programming Class completed a final project and The Secret Agent Book Club is a real winner! A mix of book club and activities is sure to bring kids back to the library each week for book discussions and awesome activities such an invisible ink and fingerprinting. Not to be missed! This is going in my steal pile for the fall.

Marge is writing one herself on summer reading and…NO PRIZES! Yes, she’s a genius and a trailblazer. I love how she’s trying to get the importance of library programs ALL YEAR, instead of just in the summer. It’s catching on.

Fellow June Storytime Underground Ninja, and new to Thrive Thursday, is Literacy Commentary with an amazing Butterfly Gardening idea. If you have a nice outdoor space you need to look at this! She also has other edible ideas: Pizza Garden anyone?! I’m in!

The Cheshire Public Library in Connecticut is sharing an amazing Art Bot program that you can use with this summer’s theme. Complete with in-depth instructions and photos, you can build an amazing robot with supplies found at the dollar store. You can also check out their other Mad Scientist programs for additional ideas complete with video clips.

Ms. Kelly at the Library knows I love acronymns and shares her ATLAS (At The Library After School) program about backyard games. Movement + multicultural = SUCCESS!

I’m sharing my first Story Mob and am still blown away by how great it turned out. Check out my instructions and complete video of the children acting out Press Here!

If you need a little inspiration to keep at it with the school age, read Be the Competition and think of all the important things you do for the families in your community!

Finally, Marge and I are sharing the results of the school age programming survey we did last month. Lots of useful stats in here and here, including budget, types of programs, outreach, staffing size.

Next month Bryce Don’t Play will be hosting the monthly school age programming roundup. To check out past roundups, click here. For more information check out the schedulePinterest board, and Facebook Group.

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