Five Little Princesses

wpid-anna-and-elsa.jpg.jpegI fell in love with the princesses that What is Bridget Reading made a few weeks ago! I made Anna and Elsa templates to add to her works of art! And, after tireless research, I decided to write a Five Little about Princesses to use with this. If you find any more 5 or 10 Little to use with this, please add it in the comments section! Here are the templates: Princess templates

wpid-princesses-5.jpg.jpeg wpid-princesses-6.jpg.jpeg

Five Little Princesses lounging in the tower
One climbed down to pick a flower
Along came a fairy with a special power
And the princess yelled, “I’ll be back in an hour!”

For more storytime ideas, check out Mollie’s What Happens in Storytime. She’s hosting the weekly blog hop, Flannel Friday, this week. For more information check out the websitePinterest page, and Facebook Group.

9 thoughts on “Five Little Princesses

      1. haha I realized that after I sent you this post and feverishly searched the internet for the rest of the words! been a long week, I’m afraid! 🙂 thanks for your reply!

  1. These are beautiful Lisa!! I am so glad I found this, as I am planning a “Princess Storytime” on November 14th. Our local community’s Apple Blossom Princess will be taking part too 🙂

    On a totally separate note — Last year, I posted on facebook a request for the name of the book about a little bunny who thinks he hears a monster downstairs –but comes to find out it is only his brother pulling a wooden duck. I think you responded to me, but I forgot to pin the book on my bedtime board 🙁

    Would you mind giving me the name again…

    Thanks so much, Lisa 🙂

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