Shark in the Park

Shark Park Peek

To celebrate Flannel Friday’s celebration of Shark Week I decided to expand my storytelling version of Shark in the Park. It’s one of my most asked for stories with my preschool crowd. I wrote about using my popular “Mr. Shark” puppet in a previous post when I debuted the story. The kids always ask for more, so I decided to add more animals.

Shark Park Board

Here is the original story featuring: cat, bird, dad, shark:

Shark Park AnimalsI added: dog, bat, butterfly, bear, rhino, and bee:


Here’s a video if you’re not familiar with the story. Unfortunately it’s out of print. You can still find small board books, but too small for storytime. I made a canvas felt board for this story.

And, I even made a craft! Just copy this (Shark in the Park Craft) double-sided. Fold in half. Cut out the black part around the shark fin and watch the children shout, “There’s a shark in the park!”

For more shark ideas to use in storytime, check out Rain Makes Applesauce. She’s hosting this week’s Flannel Friday blog hop extravaganza. To find out more about Flannel Friday, check out the website, the Pinterest board, and the Facebook Group.


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