Slime Making: Fizz Boom Read!


wpid-slime-oozy.jpg.jpegWe got really messy this week in our Weird Science program. We made three different slime recipes and played around with each one to see which was the gooiest (yes, I just made up that word!). Using household ingredients and a little bit of prep work, you too can have an awesome STEM party! I had three tables setup with four stations at each table with all the ingredients needed, as well as instructions, bowls, and spoons. I made measuring cups for each ingredient or else this wouldn’t have worked with the amount of kids/ages in the program. The children still needed to measure correctly, so I don’t think it really mattered that I didn’t provide teaspoons or tablespoons. I included instructions for each, and a science sheet that you can photocopy for everyone. It was a great success and I would do it again! (I just needed to wipe down the tables a few extra times during cleanup.)

Slime experiments


Slime RecipesFinished slimes

I passed around the three different recipes to show the children what the slime would look like and feel like.
Slime supplies

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