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Lend a Friend Binder (3)

Inspired by my local preschool and Future Librarian Superhero, I began a flat friends project at my library called Lend a Friend. (I didn’t want to use stuffed animals because of the chance to spread beg bugs, etc.)

I wanted to create a variety of characters based on popularity and age ranges to cover families of preschoolers and elementary school students. I created a “Welcome Letter” describing what to do that can be found here: Lend a Friend. We designed a cute cover and designated a special bookcase for the new independent learning program (our name for passive programming to impress our patrons and board members). Now that I set everything up it will take very little staff time to just add extra journaling pages as the binders fill up.



Lend a Friend Binder (4)


Lend a Friend Binder (1)

Here are printable pdf files. Print in color, cut out, laminate, add a Velcro tab, and put in a binder:



AnnieJack and Annie (from the Magic Tree House series)

Elephant PiggieElephant and Piggie

Pete the CatPete the Cat

Hungry CaterpillarHungry Caterpillar

Geronimo StiltonGeronimo Stilton

GregGreg Heffley (from Diary of a Wimpy Kid)

Buddy Elf Jovie ElfElfs (Buddy and Jovie) For the holidays, I want to have our own Elf on the Shelf!

Judy Moody StinkJudy and Stink Moody

Curious GeorgeCurious George

Mercy WatsonMercy Watson


Lego StormtrooperLego Stormtrooper

Max Wild ThingsMax Wild Things

Paddington Bear


Paddington Bear

Here are a few examples that made me laugh:

Lend a friend Example


Lend a Friend Example 4

Lend a Friend Examples (3)

Lend a Friend Examples (1)

Lend a friend Family

Lend a friend movies

Which characters would you add?

11 thoughts on “Library Lend a Friend

  1. I love this idea. Can you answer a couple of logistical questions? Does the family take the whole binder home so they can see the previous entries, or do they look at that part while at the library. Is the binder/friend catalogued/barcoded in some way? I’m trying to figure out how to logistically make this work… Thanks for the lovely idea!

    1. Yes, the family takes the whole binder and can see previous entries. That’s why I ask for first name only. I barcodes the outside of the binder and it circulates for one week. I have a note I on the check in screen for staff to make sure the character is in its “bed”. I’ve been circulating 13 for 3 months and haven’t lost one yet! A little bit of prep work is worth it. It runs itself now. I have extra blank pages at circ desk if needed. Highly recommend! Let me know how it works for you.

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