Pre-K Halloween Party

Halloween Party (3)

Over the past few years I’ve slowly introduced preschool holiday celebrations. I’ve done this for a couple of reasons: 1) Some preschoolers do not go to preschool. They have friends from storytime and would like to celebrate with them. This is a great way to celebrate in the community. 2) Some schools in my district do not celebrate holidays in any way. Families miss celebrating like they did when they were a child. These programs have been extremely successful and grow in attendance each year! The press also loves to cover these events (as you can see from the awesome photos!).

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Here are some tips for running your own program:

Halloween Party (6)1) Have a literary theme. You can tailor your reading and costume, and watch your circ go up!

My favorite readalouds:

Where’s My Mummy?


Room on the Broom

Click, Clack, Boo

10 Timid Ghosts

There Was an Old Monster

If You’re a Monster and You Know It


My favorite songs:

Monster Boogie by Laurie Berkner

5 Little Monsters by Kiddle Karoo

Bats are Sleeping by Carole Peterson

Halloween is Here by Wee Sing

Guess Who? by Wee Sing

Halloween Party (5)2) Have a snack. I am 99% anti-food for allergy and nutrition reasons and I don’t normally offer food at programs, though the holiday ones fall into the special category. I always do peanut-free and gluten-free options and have copies of a list of ingredients for parents. Cheerios, cheese sticks and fruit options are always popular. Plus, you can put cereal into a baggie and decorate with pretty much any theme!

Halloween Party (1)Halloween Party (7)

Halloween Party Room3) Have stations setup. Include a list of instructions and a completed example. This way families can move around the room and work at their own pace.Halloween Party (4)Pete the Cat CostumeLegoFancy NancyLisa and Joanne Harry Potter

Ms Frizzle and Waldo Ms Frizzle and Fancy Nancy

4) Don’t forget to wear your costume! I always make a handmade, literary character costume.

If you’re looking for another idea, check out Libraryland’s Trick or Treat in the Library!

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