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I’ve done a series of successful Book vs. Movie programs with grades K-6. Here’s another one to celebrate the spooky season! This one is a little different. The book and the 10-minute film are virtually the same, so there aren’t enough differences to create a game. Instead, I found pictures to do a picture bingo. Read the picture book Room on the Broom aloud, and if you have enough time you can show the short film. (It’s actually really cute!) To make this super-holiday fun, I gave out small cups of candy corn to use as Bingo markers. The kids loved eating them at the end!

Here’s the link of ready to print unique cards: Room on a Broom Bingo Cards

Here’s a Power Point you can use to call out the Bingo words and phrases: Room on the Broom. If you can’t access the Power Point, here’s a pdf: Room on the Broom Game in pdf form.

To play:

  • Give each child a Bingo Card and a crayon.
  • Choose a category and number value in the Power Point presentation to reveal a word, phrase, or character.
  • If they have a matching symbol, color it in.
  • You can offer prizes for the first child who has a Bingo, or a “Blackout” Bingo (where every square is colored). You can also play T’s, U’s or X’s.

For more school age program ideas, check out Jean Little Library. She’s hosting this month’s school age blog hop, Thrive Thursday! For more information about Thrive Thursday, check out the website with a schedule of upcoming hosts, the Pinterest board, and the Facebook Group!

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