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To celebrate Dean Winchester’s 36th birthday this month (January 24th if you want to light a candle), I added a Supernatural set to my adult flannel board collection. I added Sammy, Baby, Dean and Cass:





If you are in withdrawal like me, I am re-watching my favorite episodes. Maybe I can recreate them with my new pieces:supernatural teddy bear

Season 4, episode 8: Wishful Thinking

Word gets out that a wishing fountain actually works, and soon a tiny town is overrun with life-size teddy bears contemplating what the meaning of life is, and very odd couples in love. Of course, when magic is involved there is always a high price to pay for it. Still, it made me wonder what I would wish for. (Is anybody else thinking Sam and Dean clones?)

Supernatural books

Season 4, episode 18: The Monster at the End of This Book

Sam and Dean interview a comic book shop owner and find out that they are characters in a cult series. Every detail about their lives (and near future lives) is chronicled in a book series called “Supernatural.” There’s a fan club and Cosplay group that centers around their exciting lives, and they join in on the fun for one murder mystery evening. They are surrounded by men who are dressed like them and look-a-likes of their past girlfriends. Creepy, yes; funny, hell yes!

Supernatural tv

Season 5, episode 8: Changing Channels

The brothers get caught in a TV version of hell, channel surfing their way through a Japanese game show, a forensics drama, a sitcom, and a sexy medical series. They have to “act” the roles they are assigned in order to get back to their normal lives. The best part of this episode is that they are thrown into a show similar to “Grey’s Anatomy” where they meet a patient, Denny Duquette, who is in desperate need of a heart transplant. Denny’s character was played by actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan who also played Sam and Dean’s father in the series’ first season.

supernatural french

Season 6, episode 15: The French Mistake

Sam and Dean are put into an alternate universe where they are Jared Padalecki (the actor who plays Sam) and Jensen Ackles (the actor who plays Dean). They jump through a window and are transported to the set of a television series called “Supernatural.” In this world, supernatural beings are fictional and there is no such thing as hunters. They find out the history of their alter egos and are horrified when they learn about their pasts. Jared is married to the actress who played a demon in season 4, and Jensen began his acting career on a soap opera! They try everything to get out of their Hollywood personas, and boy is it great to watch.

supernatural gun

Season 8, episode 8: Hunteri Heroici

This slapstick episode is where Supernatural meets Looney Tunes. A murder investigation begins with a man whose heart literally came out of his chest at the sight of his true love. A robber drops an anvil on a bank teller, and then draws a black hole to leave the scene of the crime.

Season 10, episode 6: Ask Jeeves

The Winchester boys have to help figure out a murder in a mansion with a butler, a maid, and six Connecticut W.A.S.P.’s. (You can tell they weren’t near my house!) If you haven’t figured it out already, they entered a live-action Clue game complete with myriad weapons and one-liners that will make you rewind because you laughed so hard you missed the next few lines!

(And, without giving away any spoilers, I can’t not mention the best death episode ever filmed from Season 7, episode 10 called Death’s Door.)

What’s your favorite episode?

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