One Mitten


Kristine O’Connell George’s One Mitten has been sitting in my TBM pile for about two years now! I had a vision in my head that required prep work and never had enough time to do it. Recently I acquired funding for a die cut machine and the stars aligned!

I wanted to do this story as an interactive story, so I wanted each child to have one, yellow mitten. I bought a yard of felt, made a template, and sewed as many pairs as possible. (OK, you know me by now…my husband did all the sewing!) In the middle of the story, the narrator finds its pair hiding under the kitty cat. When I setup for storytime, I hid one yellow mitten under each carpet square.


When the child found the match in the book, I asked each child to look under their mat to see if they found anything.  It was a huge hit! We kept our mittens on throughout the rest of the program and danced, wiggled, and listened. I collected them before craft time and prepped yellow lacing mittens with my new die cut!

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