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Mo Willems’ We Are in a Play: Library Style

I wrote a play based on Mo Willems’ books featuring his famous characters Elephant and Piggie. I blended elements of a few stories together: My Friend is Sad, Are You Ready to Play Outside, A Big Guy Took My Ball, I’m a Frog! and My New Friend is So Fun! I made simple costumes using Oriental Trading’s DIY Knight’s Armor. I drew the characters on letter sized paper, copied them on colored paper and the children glued them to the armor. wpid-we-are-in-a-play-costume-props-3.jpg.jpegwpid-we-are-in-a-play-costume-props-1.jpg.jpegwpid-we-are-in-a-play-costume-props-2.jpg.jpegYou’ll need the following characters and props:

We Are in a Play pages I wrote a script (We Are in a Play Act Two) and then made a Power Point presentation (We Are in a Play Act Two) so each slide looks like a page from the book–complete with color coding and blending!! I fired up the projector and had the actors stand in front of the screen. This way, there was no need for memorization. They could just read the lines. I had this as a mixed age program. I had the older children help with the main roles and behind-the-scenes jobs (such as assistant director, Power Point slide coordinator, props manager), and the younger children take on the walking through extra silly parts (such as clowns, superheroes and cowboys). It was quite a success. The children took home scripts to do with their families, and I’m even told that it was performed in certain classrooms! I’m in the process of writing another act featuring…Pigeon AND Duckling! Stay tuned. For more kickass school age programming, check out Angie’s blog this month at Fat Girl Reading. She’s hosting this month’s Thrive Thursday blog hop. For more information check out the schedulePinterest board, and Facebook Group.

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