Frozen Preschool Party featuring Olaf


Since this is the coldest February on record, I decided to celebrate with the cast of Frozen, or my preschoolers! I read Olaf’s 1,2,3 and then we had fun at a variety of stations:

Snowflake Wands: I had teen volunteers cut out white felt snowflakes using my die-cut machine. I hot glued the felt to wooden dowels ahead of time. The children decorated the wands with self-adhesive ribbon for this craft station.


Sven’s Nose: Children decorated reindeer foam shapes with pom-poms and self-adhesive stars for the antlers.


Olaf Bookmarks: I bought Olaf stickers from Oriental Trading and cut construction bookmarks for children to make their own.



Olaf Puzzles: I used my puzzle die and made Olaf puzzles on cardstock. I placed each puzzle in a colored sandwich bag. This was too complicated to do in house with all the other activities going on. It was a popular take-home activity, though!


Frozen Painting: Luckily it was below 0 last night, so I was able to freeze the Ice Painting station on my front porch. I did one squirt of washable paint and added water. I stirred each cube with a popsicle stick and left it in as a “paint brush.” This activity was so much fun! And it wasn’t even messy!



2 thoughts on “Frozen Preschool Party featuring Olaf

  1. LOVE the frozen painting idea!! Will link to this from my program:
    You might also enjoy doing a snowball fight using plastic bag snowballs, to the music “Sleigh Ride” by Leroy Anderson.
    Making snowballs for the program:
    1) Gather a white plastic grocery bag into a long, skinny tube-like length with the handles on one end.
    2) Fold the length in half, then in half again.
    3) Wind a rubber band around the middle until it is tight.
    4) Trim both ends to remove any folded areas.
    5) Make 2 or 3 vertical cuts in both ends.
    6) Then fluff out pieces
    Idea courtesy of: Susan Dailey, librarian, speaker and author of “A Storytime Year”

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