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Felt Board Table: Cars & Community

Felt Table Road

I’ve spruced up my felt table for the spring and did a car and community theme. (I can’t find my original inspiration, so Rebecca if you post in the comments I’ll update my link!)

I used grey felt and made a black road with white felt paint lines. It came out awesome! Then I found fun ideas on Pinterest and made community buildings, modes of transportation, a car wash, and a gas station (my favorite!)

Felt Table Road and Community

Felt Table Road Block

Road block!


Felt Table Car Wash

Felt Table Gas Station

I hot-glued the end of a show lace to make a “gas pump!” My favorite part of this project!


To get more storytime ideas, check out Laura’s Libary Lalaland. She’s hosting Flannel Friday this week. To find out more about Flannel Friday, check out the website, the Pinterest board, and the Facebook Group.

2 comments on “Felt Board Table: Cars & Community

  1. librerin
    March 13, 2015

    That’s adorable! The gas station is my favorite, too!

  2. sithmom
    May 8, 2015

    Adorable! My favorite is the carwash. It would be great to make the buildings look like ones in our community!

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